Anderson Silva e a tribo dos Kamayurás - AMAZOO Experience

Para começar 2012 cheio de energia, Amazoo Açaí levou o campeão mundial do UFC, Anderson Silva, para conhecer a região amazônica e a tribo guerreira dos Kamayurás. In a story which aired Sunday on long-running Brazilian TV show “Sports Spectacular,” Silva visited the Kamayura people, an indigenous tribe who live on the Upper Xingu River in the state of Mato Grosso. While there, “The Spider” got in a workout with the natives. “The mind must always be like a parachute, always open to new experiences,” said Silva. The new experience to which the champ refered was the huka-huka, a traditional wrestling style practiced by the tribes of the region. Before he could participate, though, Silva first heard the tales of the fighters and their ancient martial art. “We get two and a half years in seclusion, preparing to be a fighter, just scraping the skin and applying the root,” explained one of the natives, stating that the tribes males begin their training at 13 years old.
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