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BEST Muay Thai & kick boxing Knockouts of 2016

Muay Thai Knockouts & kick boxing Knockouts can be much attractive than boxing or MMA Knockouts!
This is our list of best Muay Thai Knockouts & kick boxing Knockouts of 2016!
High-kicks, Elbows, Flying knees, One punch knockouts or Spinining kicks - they...  more

kicks for Knock Downs - Taking Your kicking To The Next Level

Guro Brown takes you through his Hybrid kick boxing (Mixed Striking) Curriculum.

You Will Be Guided Through - The Knee, The Thai Round kick, The Spin Side kick and The Spin Heel!
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3 Tricky TKD kick Combos for MMA

Here are 3 taekwondo kick combos, great for an MMA fight. We've combined boxing, the Muay Thai clinch, and TKD kicks to trick your opponent up! Alex Wong's TKD►

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High-kicks Knockouts from 2016 (MMA, Muay Thai, kick boxing)

Best MMA, Muay Thai and kick boxing High-kicks Knockouts from 2016! Best 15 Man and Woman High-kicks Knockouts from the last year! High-kicks or Head-kicks highlights include: Front-kicks, Spinning-kicks and classic High-kicks.

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How to Throw a Muay Thai Leg kick CORRECTLY!

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Read the FULL guide on the Muay Thai Low Leg kick:

The low leg kick, or "cut kick" is a staple of Muay Thai. It is meant to "ch...  more

Size Does Not Matter - Top 5 - Big Vs Small Fight Knockouts & Wins

Best David and Goliath Sport Fight Scenes Ever. MMA, boxing and kick boxing. Why size doesn't matter. Mike Tyson vs Sammy Scaff, Bob Sapp vs Kunkli Tivadar, Sergey Kharitonov vs Semmy Schilt, Kaoklai vs Mighty Mo, Mirko Cro Cop Filipović vs Hong Man Choi.

Knockout of the Day: Karol Bedorf's Crushing Head kick at KSW 33 - Karol Bedorf is featured in today's knockout of the day finishing Michal Kita with a head kick at KSW 33.

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Spinning Hook kick Knockouts and Tutorial - Coach Firas Zahabi

The spinning hook kick or Crocodile Tail as its called by the Thai's is one of the most powerful strikes in MMA. In this video you will learn some of the key details regarding the mechanics of the kick. Keep in mind that the mechanics of the kick are very...  more

This kick Packs the Most Force: Flying Side kick

The flying side kick combines your body weight and the momentum from your run, plus the snapping of the leg to produce a ton of force. This kick is great if you have to cover a lot of distance and deliver a powerful blow -- i.e. beginning of an MMA round,...  more

The Very Best boxing Moments | Vol 4 boxing Legends TV boxing Legends TV

boxing Legends TV continues the series taking a look at the very best moments in recent boxing history. Part 4 features 5 awesome boxing matches all in 60fps with fast paced, quick action editing.

boxing Matches:
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