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    Members who's main goal is the advancement to the sport of MMA and what comes along with it. It could be bringing members, fans, managers, and fighters to this site, or just to the sport in general. You are here to make a positive difference and help...  more
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    CHECK OUT HIS OFFICIAL This group was created so the fans of Jimy "The Kid" Hettes have a place to gather and discuss the exciting road of this modern day warrior. He is a hero to some and a problem for many. Jim Hettes
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    MMA Melee Mall™ is a vast array of fitness & martial arts clothing, equipment, supplements and other accessories from leading manufacturers around the world.
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    This is a group that will provide helpful tips on improving aspects of your stand up game. Chats on discussions on boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai techniques will be coming soon...Learn from the coach that has been instrumental in the training of numero...  more