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    To spread the message of Tattoo Fightwear:

    Tattoo Fightwear — Strong by Choice
    We're all Tattoo'd — our lives marked permanently by struggle, strife or achievement. How we incorporate these marks into ourselves is up to us — whether th...  more
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    superheavy fighters! Size and skill make us rare and dangerous fighters!
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    Keep up to date on events,programs, and the fighters of the "Stand up Specialists of NEPA", The only program in NEPA sponsored by World Champions, and home to professional boxer RJ Sockwell and Team Spartan men's and women's boxing.kic...  more
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    Never Tap Out is one of the few brands with a true meaning. Never Tap Out means to never give up, never give in and to never surrender ...No Matter What.

    We have co-branded our market with MMA and those in Law Enforcement. We have seen a rise in MM...  more
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    Northeast PA's apex for mixed martial arts training. Keep up to date on all happening related to Gracie NEPA and its fighters.
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    "Making Extreme a Lifestyle"

    Kimurawear® was founded in Toronto, Canada in early 2007, influenced by the drive, devotion and passion of our modern day gladiators, who take all extreme sports to the next level. Kimurawear® prides itself...  more
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    Do you love Title MMA? Join the group for your chance to win prizes, gets exclusive deals and most of all let everyone know that you know where to get the best gear!
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    Take the Risk is a name brand created by BRUNO and SIDNEY they worked hard coming up with different ideas and a lot of brainstorming to get this clothing line. When you step into any competition your taking a risk!! SO lets help this CLOTHING/MMA GEAR COM...  more
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    Clothing and Apparel Company
    Mission: We want to help our customers portray a positive self-image and mindset through high quality, unique and comfortable clothing and apparel.

    Vision: To be the “I have to get that!” brand.

    Purpose: We ...  more
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    Lights Out Fight Wear. Gear for the fighter and fan. We have everything from gloves, hats, tees, hoodies and much more.

    Detaching From Your Senses. Lights Out.