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    Since almost everyone I recommend this site too comes in as a members it is clear Mike has something very unique here and we should all work to get more members on MELEE.

    Do it for Bandit the MELEE Bulldog!

    Here are some ideas on how we can ...  more
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    VINCIT Magazine is one of the fastest growing Mixed
    Martial Arts magazine in California, revolutionizing Mixed
    Martial Arts as a sport and lifestyle. VINCIT covers a variety of gyms, coaches, trainers, nutritionist, fig...  more
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    Nutrition education for MMA athletes. Nothing is sold here, just "no bull sh*t" nutrition talk.
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    Please check out my new line of gear. I sell mma, muay thai, kickboxing, and boxing gear. All of my gear is HAND MADE IN THAILAND. WE SPONSOR MANY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES FROM THE UFC AND WBA. We will be having SALES ON ALL GEAR- 20 % off EVERYTHING for the...  more
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    MMA clothing line (
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    The Top Shelf of Custom Mouthguards.™

    Join this group and receive a 10% discount on your order of BAMF Super Heavyweight Combat Guards made for MMA with 3 or more custom logos! Just use coupon code "mmamelee" at ...  more
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    A group for MMA fans and fighters who have lost all control of the addiction to ink or know someone who has!

    I am thinking MELEE member Billythebillboard is a likely candidate!
  • 165 members led by Zeus is the first of its kind, new concept that let's a Fighter control his/her own destiny. Fight Funds is a Sponsorship site for all combat sports athletes, that allows the fighter to promote themselves and get funds from the people that...  more
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    Prolific Mat Wear is the evolution of MMA. Visit and read our Prolific fighter profiles and visit our pro shop.
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    Keep upto date on the Midwest's young Amateur and Pro MMA Fighters, Promotions Companies and Training Faculties at we are a small group trying to pave the way for our young amateurs into the pros.