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  • Pro MMA Guys - Looking for 125-135lbs. vs. 12-9 pro 135-145lbs vs. 8-0 Pro155lbs vs. 2-0 pro 145lbs vs. 1-1 Pro  April 8th in Plymouth Ma, Contact Michael Polvere about these Spots Thanks Contact:
  • Okay Pro's looking for within Driving Distance to Virginia for April 8th - Need winning record for a 135lbs vs. 6-2  135/145lbs vs. 3-0 need One close to that in record also Please inbox me for more Info thanks so much and thanks for sharing ...and Please InBoX me for Info Contact: Admini...
  • Still looking for opponents for the following;Muay Thai at the Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio on March 3rd put on by Xtreme Kickboxing Opponents 132-139lbs vs. 1-0154-159.5lbs vs. 6-2154-159.5lbs vs. 1-0 Contact:
  • 11 hours ago - posted by MMALAST
    Hey everyone, V3Fights (Memphis TN) is building a talent database of fighters. If you would like to be considered for one of our shows just fill out this form so we will have your info! Please take the time to fill out the form below. This ensures we can have you in our database as we utilize this ...
  • Professional Female 115lbs MMA fighter needed for March 31st vs. 1-0 Promotion: CES Contact: 
  • 135lbs Professional MMA Fighter needed vs. 8-1 Promotion: Ring of Combat 58 Date: February 24th Location: Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey Notes: Must have a winning record and CT scan & EKG  Contact:

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Heavyweight Amateur MMA Fighter Needed Feb.18th in Reno

  • 206-265lbs Heavyweight Amateur MMA Fighter needed for a Huge show for February 18th in Reno, Nevada.

    Paid Hotel & Travel. (No more than 5 hour travel please)

    Blood work needed

    Please see Troy Hafeli ASAP